CRH Americas 2020

Listen to our ongoing interview with CRH Americas’ John Kemp, President of the Building Solutions Group.  John connects CRH materials and people to local relationships in the construction industry. From aggregates, asphalt, and cement, to the ACE Mentor program and AWARE Safety System, hear how CRH is putting safety first and building future leaders, not only as North America’s largest building materials company but also your local partner. In their own words they are “everywhere you live, go and work.”

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Recycled Granite

Owner and CEO Julie Rizzo tells her story from idea to multiple franchises around the country. Started in 2009 Recycled Granite has saved over 80,000,000 pounds of granite remnants from being dumped into landfills. Recycled Granite comes in thin veneers, pavers and fire pit kits with multiple color blends.

World of Concrete

What does it take to organize, market and run the largest trade shows in the world? Meet the team behind The World of Concrete, the largest international trade show exhibiting in the U.S., India, Asia, Brazil and Indonesia. Every February they take over Las Vegas. Meet Jackie James, the Group Director and Steven Pomerantz, the Senior Marketing Manager from Informa, named the top Global Exhibition Organizer in charge of WOC and many more international trade shows.

The State of Worldwide Construction with CRH Americas’ President John Kemp

How is the business of construction in America being affected by business around the world? Listen in to hear from one of the largest manufacturers point of view.

Bridging The Gap to the Next Generation with Sarah Sladek

The CEO of XYZ University opens the door for us to take a look at the next generations POV of the ever-changing work field. There is a stigma that these generations are starting to break and Sarah knows how to connect the world of business to their futures.